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AGM 2017 - Have Your Say

The 2017 AGM will have a massive impact on the sport of Ice Skating in the United Kingdom, which is why it is more important than ever to make your voice heard.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the yearly opportunity for full NISA members and groups to have their say on the sport, and how their National Governing Body is run. 

This year is vital, as big changes are being proposed to support NISA's 10-year Strategic Plan, and meet requirements of the government regarding sports governance.

Without these changes, it will be impossible for the sport to move forwards, grow and flourish. By voting in the changes to our Articles of Association, skaters will be contributing to the future of their sport. 

Great opportunities lie ahead for ice skating in the UK, but we need the support of our members to reach them. 

All documentation, including the Articles of Association with proposed changes, will be released 28 days ahead of the AGM - so watch this space. 


Can I Vote?

Any Full or Life Member with at least 13 months' membership at the date of the AGM, can vote. Associate Members are unable to vote. 

Affiliated Clubs and Associations of NISA can also vote.


How do I Vote?

You can cast your vote by attending the 2017 AGM or by proxy voting - this is the manner of voting when it cannot be done in person.

Through Proxy voting a member can cast their vote on matters proposed for the AGM through either the Chair or another eligible member.

Proxy Voting Forms will also be placed on the website in advance of the AGM, and can be completed and sent to the Election Scrutineer, Botham Accounting, to arrive at least 2 clear working days in advance of the AGM. 


2017 AGM Details 

This year the AGM will be taking place on Saturday the 12th August 2017 at the Jury's Inn, Nottingham. 

It will commence at 12 noon, and we recommend attendees arrive by 11:30am. 

You don't need to register your attendance, simply arrive on the day. If you are unable to attend, please ensure you have filled out a proxy form to cast your vote. 


NISA Information Days

We have held  three Information Days in Edinburgh, Sheffield and London during the summer so that we could engage in face to face discussions about the proposals, and respond to questions and concerns.

  • London; 11/6/17; Alexandra Palace 
  • Sheffield; 21/5/17; Ice Sheffield
  • Edinburgh; 4/6/17; Murrayfield"

This area of the website will be regularly updated but if you are unsure of anything don't hesitate to get in touch with us at any time. 



We're always looking for ways to improve, and would really welcome your input. 

We will be creating an FAQs document, so please send any questions you would like answers to here.

The document will be added to this part of the website and once it is up-and-running we will be updating it on a fortnightly basis.

Please keep in mind that only the questions that most frequently come up will be included, so don't be disheartened if your question doesn't appear. You can always get in touch with our team at the office if you have any queries. 

NISA Information Day FAQs

We collected your queries at NISA Information Days regarding the AGM and new changes to the organisation, and turned them into an FAQ section. Have a read, we'll be adding more shortly. 

2017 Information Day Meeting Slides

Didn't manage to make it to one of our three Information Days? Don't worry. Here's the slides, have a read through and catch up. 

NISA Information Days Testimonials 2017

Weren't able to make one of the Information Days? You can see what others thought about them by reading through these testimonials from attendees. 

Current Articles of Association

NISA is facing a time of important change. Soon we will be publishing proposed changes to the Articles of Association (atleast 28 days ahead of the 2017 AGM). 

Until then, you may read through the current articles (without proposed changes) by clicking above.

AGM Processes 2017

If you'd like a breakdown of AGM processes: voting, attendance and documentation please read through the PDF. 

If you have any queries regarding the 2017 AGM or voting, don't hesitate to contact our office anytime. 

NISA Governance Changes - creation of an Audit Committee

Understandably, there have been members asking just what the governance changes are, both those already being put into effect by NISA, and those needing approval at the AGM to change the Articles of Association.

As a brief background, these are linked to NISA's Strategic 10-Year Plan as well as the changes in requirements in Sports Governance from UK Sport.

NISA Newsletter April 2017
NISA VMOST 2016-26 Strategy