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Find out all about NISA's Development Squads, including how to apply and competing internationally representing Great Britain. Reports from competitions, current rankings for the different disciplines and advice about funding can also be found here.

Development Squads Criteria and Application 2018-19

Full details of the criteria for the NISA Development Squads 2018-19 are now published.

Applications must be submitted by e-mail to development@iceskating.org.uk or by post to the NISA Offices.  No applications will be accepted by hand or fax.

The window of application is from the publication of this announcement to midday, Tuesday 7th August 2018.

PDFs supporting applications must be from NISA-approved events dating 01/07/2017 - 03/08/2018.

UPDATE 11/05/2018

Applications will be reviewed on an on-going basis but in cases where there is a maximum level that can be held for any given squad, confirmation can only be issued after July 1st, which is the first day of the new season and therefore the date on which the criteria must be met, and will be issued once approved to the contact details through which the application was made.  Skaters who have not yet met the criteria by July 1st will still have until the end of Sheffield IJS to achieve the requirements and submit their application.

Following further consultation, there will now be a second window of application following the British Championships 2018, precise timings of which will be communicated closer to the time.  Please note this is for skaters not on one of the squads in the first half of the season, and is not for skaters to move between squads mid-season.

Once any applications are confirmed as successful, more details relating to the 2018-19 season, such as kit and allocation of ISU Internationals, will be sent to the skater and their coach.

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Funding - Advice and Opportunities

This section will give you information and advice about obtaining funding, as well as advising of opportunites to apply for funding.