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International Competitions

To compete at an ISU International competition you must be a member of one of NISA's Development or Performance squads.  Allocations to ISU International competitions are made twice each season, once at the start of the season and again after the British Championships.

Skaters chosen to compete at ISU Internationals are ambassadors for NISA and Great Britain and it is a privilege and honour to be selected.  Skaters are travelling and competing as representatives of NISA and the highest level of conduct is required at all times.  It's also a great opportunity to gain experience on the international stage.

Club Internationals are open for entry by any skater (you don't have to be a Development squad member nor do you need to be allocated the club competition via NISA).  You can enter by communicating directly with the Organising Committee of the competition.  Scores from Club Internationals can be considered for test passes and rankings but will only be authorised after the NISA Technical Director has checked the panels (Judging and Technical) and scores and confirmed that these meet the NISA requirements.

ISU Calendar of Events 2018-19
Information Guide - International Competitions

Information and advice for skaters, parents and coaches attending international competitions.