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Pattern Dances Drawn for 2018 British Championships

Basic Novice:

Swing Dance and Willow Waltz


Intermediate Novice:

Group 2 was drawn – 14 Step and Tango


Advanced Novice:

Argentine Tango and Blues.

Deeside Ice Skating Gala
Deeside Ice Skating Gala
IJS Sheffield Warm Up times Clarification

Please note the following warm up times will be allocated to the relevant discipline.

Basic Novice Singles and Pairs - 3min 30 sec

Intermediate Novice Singles and Pairs  - 4min

Advanced Novice - Senior Singles and Pairs - 6 min

Basic Novice / Intermediate Novice and Advanced Novice Rhythm Dances and Free Dance - 3min

Junior and Senior Short Dances  and Free Dances  - 6min


IJS Sheffield 2018 Pattern Dances

Please see the Pattern Dances drawn for IJS Sheffield 2018

Basic Novice: Swing Dance & Willow Waltz


Intermediate Novice: Rocker Foxtrot & American Waltz


Advance Novice : Argentine Tango & Blues

Ice Skating Gala - Oxford
Young Stars Camp - Singles & Dance 2018
British Adult Championships and NISA Adult Open 2018

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: the 2018 British Adult championships and NISA Adult Open Pattern Dances will be judged WITHOUT keypoints.

British Longtrack Championships 2018

The Announcement for the British Longtrack Championships 2018 is out now!

Trophy D'Ecosse 2018

The Trophy D'Ecosse 2018 Results link is AVAILABLE HERE

NRW-Trophy for Synchonized Skating
NRW-Trophy for Synchonized Skating