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Sub Groups and Technical Advisory Committees

The NISA sub-groups are due to be replaced by the Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) at the 2018 AGM elections, please click here for access to the TACs Terms of Reference

FINANCE - superseded

Director - Chris Buchanan
Michelle Draper - Chief Executive Officer
Alistair Wilson
Finance Officer - Louise Meadows
Independent Director - T.B.C


Judy Clinton (Director)

Mary Chapman (appointed – Singles)

Graham Perrin (appointed – Dance)

Christopher Buchanan (appointed – Synchro)

Tina Noble (appointed – Speed)


Judges and Officials Portfolio coordinators

Probationary Singles & Pairs - Mary Chapman (S) / Vanessa Riley (P)

Probationary Dance / Synchro – Cynthia Alepin

Technical Specialist – Hamish Angus

Results – Gwyn Davies / John Donnelly

Test Organiser – Amanda Knight


Hilary Selby (Appointed)
Maggie Worsfold (Elected)
Chris Buchanan (Appointed)
Ann Findlay (Appointed)


Richard Beamish (Director)

Maggie Barrow (Appointed)
Kathy Hanretty (Appointed)
Terri Smith (Appointed)
Gerard Williams (Appointed)


David Hartley (Director)
Sam Ozard (Elected)
Rebecca Collett (Elected)
Mark Hanretty (Appointed)
Robert Murray (Appointed)


Maggie Worsfold (Appointed)

Hilary Selby (Appointed)
Noel Grimshaw (Elected)
Peter Worth (Elected)
Mary Chapman (Appointed)
Graham Perrin (Appointed)