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If you are an existing member looking to renew your membership, the quickest and easiest way is to make a BACS transfer for the relevant amount with the reference of "Renewal + your membership number".  If some of your contact details have changed you can fill in the online renewal form, and then make a payment.

If you are planning to join us as a new member, you can complete the online membership form here, and then similarly make a payment of the relevant amount.  The reference for a BACS transfer for a new membership should be "your name + your postcode".

BACS payments are the most simple and easy to process, so please consider this method if at all possible.  Your payment will show in the NISA bank account the next working day, following which you will receive a confirmation e-mail usually within 3 working days.

Account Name:  NISA
Account Number:  00690501
Sort Code:  12-24-81


If necessary, you can also pay using the following methods:

By cheque. Cheques should be made out to National Ice Skating Association Limited and sent to:

c/o English Institute of Sport
Coleridge Road
S9 5DA

Alternatively, you can call us on 0115 988 8060 during our regular office hours to pay by credit card.


National Ice Skating Association

NISA is the UK Governing Body for Ice Skating and has ultimate responsibility for everything that happens within our sport, from the very beginners at Skate UK level we ensure quality of tuition through to the very highest levels of skating. When you are ready to start taking tests to further enhance your ability you must become a member of NISA, however, as a responsible individual it is always worthwhile joining NISA to ensure that you have Ice Skating-specific insurance cover should for whatever reason you should be involved in an accident on the ice.

Benefits of Membership

The NISA Membership package includes Public liability insurance cover to the value of £5 million for any one claim, limited personal accident cover, personalised membership card, access to a range of exclusive merchandise, access to special promotions, website, dedicated staff members to answer all your queries and concerns.

NISA members benefit from subscription to our Ice Skating newsletter to keep them up-to-date by e-mail with all that is happening in the sport, and what offers and discounts are available to them as members of the National Governing Body.

Membership also enables skaters to take National-level tests and to compete in a wide range of competitions up-and-down the country.

Membership Insurance

Civil Liability
All NISA members are provided with £5m free Civil Liability insurance cover. This insurance policy covers members when they are carrying out NISA authorised activities. These would typically include:

  • Competing - Home or abroad
  • Volunteering - At a NISA permitted/authorised event
  • Representing NISA at an event - judging etc

Civil Liability does not cover accidents to the insured. It is a policy that covers the insured as an individual should they become involved in an accident and then find themselves subject to litigation - they would be covered under this policy.

For the clubs policy documents and details on making a claim see the following documents-

Members' Accident Insurance Cover 2017-18

NISA Members Personal Accident Insurance 2018-19

BIS Members' Personal Accident Insurance 2019-20

NISA Insurance Website


Accident Cover

All NISA members between the ages of 3 and 75 are provided with free personal injury insurance. However, the cover on this policy is very limited and covers only major injury.  The policy is not a Travel Insurance Policy and will not cover repatriation or localised hospitalisation.

NISA travel insurance including repatriation and localised hospitalisation applies only to those selected and sent on behalf of NISA.  In the case of skaters, this means those selected to represent GBR at Junior and Senior Grand Prix events and major ISU Championships, but not skaters who request, and are subsequently allocated, International events.

Our Insurance partners, Howden, offer bespoke Travel Insurance for sporting trips.  The website can be found here: http://www.sporttravelinsurance.co.uk/