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Refer to the below links to view or download documentation regarding Test Application Forms.

For any additional information regarding manuals or test scores, refer to our Test Manuals section of the website.


BIS Test Level Application & Claim Form March 2020

This new form is to be used for all Test Applications and Test Level Claims on our new membership platform www.britishiceskating.sport80.com - going live to all members from 26th February 2020.

Please see this news story for more details of that go-live!

BIS Test Level Terms & Conditions February 2020

Linked to the new membership database launch in February 2020, British Ice Skating are hereby publishing revised and updated Terms & Conditions for Test Levels.

NISA Competitive Test Scores and Information 2019-2020

Competitive Test Scores have changed in line with the new criteria for the 2019-20 season.  You will also find in this document information on when and how to claim.

Please note that for any competitions prior to 1st July 2019, please refer to the previous Competitive Test Scores document.  

Competitive Test Passes we're accepting

Click to view all Competitive test passes we're currently accepting - as of 24/03/2020 all applications must be made online due to the office premises being closed.

Video guidance on how to claim competitive tests can be found here.

If you have already paid by BACS, please do NOT pay again, but for any new applications, DO ensure you follow the video process of paying online through the membership platform once your application has been approved.

Please do NOT seek out your coach to obtain a signature - instead request they send an e-mail to test.membership@iceskating.org.uk from the e-mail address we recognise as theirs, specifying the details of the skater and the test claim(s) they support the application of.