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A skater, a coach, a judge and a brilliant volunteer

Jane has been a skater, a coach and a judge for NISA. But above all, she’s another example of an outstanding volunteer.


Jane Brown started out as a beginner on the ice at age 11, and got into coaching in the sport around the age of 20.


She would drift a little from the ice skating scene before she returned as a judge almost two decades later.


Now Jane is a 76-year-old NISA judge from Nottingham, and has been volunteering in the role for around 36 years.


Currently Jane helps to judge every week, and has now organised tests for almost 20 years. She doesn’t have a local rink - but gets involved wherever she’s needed.


When Jane was in her 40s, she brought her young family members onto the ice. It was here that Jane saw an opportunity to return to NISA in a whole new role.


Jane said: “I had taken my two young nephews skating and I was loosely coaching them when I met a lady called Joan Noble.


“Joan encouraged me to get involved as a volunteer, so I decided to give it a go and see how I got on.


“I began training as a judge, which certainly challenged me in new ways. It took me a little time to qualify in both Ice Dance and Figure Skating. I really did learn a lot.


“Despite drifting a little from skating in my 20s, when other commitments took over, I truly believe you can’t really ever walk away from something you’ve always had such an interest in.


“That’s what I found, in my experience. I’ve loved every second of being involved with the sport, as a skater, a coach and now a judge.


“Being a volunteer is a very rewarding experience. I really like the social aspect - it’s always lovely seeing old friends and also meeting new people.


“It’s so great watching the children grow and develop their skills as skaters too - even though they may not all know who I am!


“Volunteering may seem like a step into the unknown but there is really nothing to be worried about. We welcome all new faces with open arms.”


The National Ice Skating Association is supported by a fantastic network of volunteers, including the entire judging and officials team.


We can’t say a big enough "thank you" to all the volunteers who put time and effort into supporting ice skating.


We’re always looking to welcome more on board, if you’re interested in becoming a NISA volunteer please contact kirstie.robinson@iceskating.org.uk.