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Advanced Safeguarding Standards achieved by British Ice Skating

British Ice Skating is extremely pleased to be able to announce that we have passed the Child Protection in Sport Unit’s (CPSU) Advanced Safeguarding Standards.

These Standards provide a framework for all those involved in sport to help them create a safe sporting environment for children and young people and protect them from harm

Since 2015 we have been working through the different standards and having passed the intermediate standards in November 2017, we are delighted to have passed the advanced standards in March 2019.

“I am immensely proud that we have passed the advance standards. It illustrates the hard work we have been putting in over the past few years, not only into the safeguarding policies and procedures, but all aspects of the organisation. British Ice Skating is now at the forefront of safeguarding and that is where we intend to stay!”  Jessica Davidson, Lead Safeguarding Officer.

Although we are proud to have passed, we will not be stopping there. We will continue to work with CPSU and Sport England and will be doing yearly internal audits of our safeguarding procedures ensuring that we continue to hold safeguarding at the centre of all we do.

Michelle Draper, British Ice Skating CEO, adds: "Safeguarding is always a key consideration, whatever area of the sport we are discussing, and it is a vital part of our culture at British Ice Skating.  The standards are something that we as the NGB submit but it is so much more than just our project, rather it involves coaches, officials, clubs, skaters themselves, and just about every role in skating you wish to name.  Our thanks go out to all those we have collaborated with, and we look forward to working with you on constant development in safeguarding in the future."

You can find all of our safeguarding policies and procedures as well as how to get in contact if you have a concern through the link below.

Please remember, if you have a concern, don’t keep it to yourself.