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BITA Backs change ahead of NISA EGM

The British Ice Teachers Association (BITA) Committee have announced their support for change ahead of the National Ice Skating Association (NISA) 2017 Extaordinary General Meeting (EGM).


BITA, which dates all the way back to 1936, is a professional Coaching Association created to encourage excellence and uphold best-practice in ice coaching.


The Association also offers a recognised grading system to accredit coaching achievements in the work place. Around 250 NISA members belong to BITA; coaches who teach both grassroots and elite levels.


The Committee works in the best interests of coaches, liaising regularly with NISA and other sporting and coaching agencies to support and develop coaches.


Now BITA has announced its support for ‘NISA’s efforts to bring positive change’ to the sport ahead of the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on the 2nd of December 2017 at iceSheffield. 


The EGM will see NISA’s revised set of Articles of Association proposed for a second time, after a ‘yes’ vote was narrowly missed at the NISA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in August 2017.


The new Articles of Association - the rules which govern how NISA is run - will make the sport compliant with the Government's new Code for Sports Governance and offer fresh opportunities to benefit different groups across the sport. 


Recently NISA launched an EGM mini-site to help explain in more detail the need for change, how it will impact everyone in the sport and the importance of the upcoming EGM 2017. 


Longstanding member, Coach and BITA Committee Member Tony Barron said: ”Voting through the new Articles will mean that our great sport will be able to transform itself for the better, with a modern governance structure which is better able to succeed.


“I for one certainly want to see Ice Skating remain at the centre of UK and Winter Olympic programmes, and compliancy with the new code will ensure this.


“As well as being vital to the sport’s future, the new changes will offer NISA members more benefits and opportunity to have a greater say. It is for these reasons that the BITA Committee are backing change.


 “For the cost of a 2nd Class Stamp, eligible members can ensure the change that is vitally needed for progression.”


All members who are eligible to vote should have received a proxy voting form in the post, these can also be downloaded here.


To find out more about how to proxy vote, including how to complete the form, please visit our visual voting guide.


The proxy vote deadline is Wednesday the 29th November at 5pm, so we encourage voters to send off their forms at least before Monday the 27th to ensure their vote is counted.