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Celebrate Volunteers' Week with us!

June will kick off with Volunteers' Week 2017, a nationwide celebration of amazing volunteers and all of their hard work across all areas.

Volunteers play a massive role in supporting sports and Ice Skating is certainly no different. We're very lucky to have a body of devoted volunteers who support skaters, clubs, events and much more. 

In the build up to, and throughout the week, we will be sharing the achievements and stories of people wo make a difference to our sport every day.  

Join our campaign to recognise and celebrate them, and getting involved is fun and easy! 

How you can get involved: 

  • Nominate - nominate a special volunteer or group by email. Include their details (name, age, location), their role and what makes them a special volunteer.

  • Get in touch- Send us an email or pick up the phone to give a special thank you message to a volunteer.

  • Make a video - Send in a video telling us who you are, the volunteer you want to thank and what you're thanking them for.

  • Register as a volunteer -  We're always on the look out for more great volunteers. Register your interest in volunteering by emailing kirstie.robinson@iceskating.org.uk

Nominations and thank you messages will be shared across our social channels, featured in a special volunteer highlights newsletter, and videos could make it to our campaign movie, which will be released during volunteers' week. 

How clubs can get involved: 

  • Run an event - Whether it's a community skate, a picnic or a party. Get your club together to celebrate your volunteers. A resouce pack can be requested here.  

Be sure to share your events with us so we can spread the word. 

How volunteers can get involved: 

  • Get in touch - Send an email or pick up the phone to tell us how you got into volunteering, what you do and why you think it's rewarding / important. 

  • Make a video - Even better, send us a video! Send a short video to introduce yourself, how you volunteer and why you think it's rewarding / important.


Jumping aboard our volunteers' week celebration? Great! Send material and queries to Marketing and PR Officer Beth Bishop: 

E: bethany.bishop@iceskating.org.uk 

T: 0115 988 8066


Video guidelines: 

If you want to enter a video submission, there's a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Ensure your full head and shoulders are clearly in shot - Ideally ask someone with a steady hand to film you or use a tripod. 

  • Nice and bright - record in the day time or somewhere that is well lit.

  • Ensure it is of good quality - there's no need to rush out and buy a top of the range camera, a modern smartphone should do the trick. 

  • Record in a quiet environment - make sure you can be heard easily, speak clearly and choose a quiet place to record. 

Unfortunately if the visuals and or audio is too poor we won't be able to feature your submission in our volunteer movie.