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Discover Graham Newberry, with 8 weeks until the British Championships

Name: Graham Newberry
DOB: 07/06/1998
Home Rink: Lee Valley, London
Choreographer: Christian Newberry & Graham Newberry

Short Program (SP) music choice for the British Championships: I will be skating to Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus. I really like this music choice because it is very strong and powerful and it will be the second season I have skated to it.

Free Program (FP) music choice for the British Championships: My free program music this year is The Last Samurai, again it is a very powerful piece of music but has a very emotional end. I got a lot of inspiration from the movie.

On the ice:
Who/what inspired you to step onto the ice and how old were you?
I was only one when I stepped onto the ice and started competing at three years old after being inspired by my older brother, Jack Newberry.

How did you get into Figure Skating? My dad, Christian Newberry, is a British Champion and coach so I just went with the flow.

How many hours a week do you train? I train 16 hours on-ice and 6 hours off-ice.

What do you consider your greatest achievement in ice skating? I have two; I am the youngest British boy to land triple axel in an ISU international and made the final round at the Junior World Cup two years in a row.

How many times have you competed in the British Championships? This will be my fifth year, the first year I won the Novice title and I have won the Junior Men category twice.

Do you have a skating hero you look up to? Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko because he is a real fighter and says exactly what he thinks.

Off the ice:
Other than skating what do you like to do in your spare time?
I play video games with my friends from around the world and also watch Anime, One Piece is my favourite.

One thing you can’t live without and why? Wi-Fi! Why? That's pretty obvious.

Favourite band/music? Muse

Favourite film/TV programme? The Walking Dead

Fun fact: I can bend backwards and put my head between my legs.

Graham’s Dad is Christian Newberry, the 1989 British Senior Champion. He said:

“Graham's determination is the one thing that always amazes me, I have taught skating for 25 years and never taught anyone that pushes for what he wants like Graham. He has skated through injuries and really bad falls but he just gets up and keeps going. He is my hero.”

9th October 2015