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Discover Karly Robertson, current Senior National Champion

Karly Robertson, 26 from Dundee, is the current Senior National Champion. Ahead of her appearance on the ice this week, today we focus on Karly...

Karly Robertson
DOB: 14/11/1989       
Twitter: @karlyrobertson

Home Arena: Dundee Ice Arena
Choreographer: Andrew Smith

Short Program (SP) music choice for the British Championships: My Short Program is a representation of Spanish dance and culture. Through my program I show a variety of sides to the music; intensity, seduction, fun, excitement and sincerity.

To begin, the music and movement represents intensity and seduction, which I bring to the program by drawing in the audience, especially with my eyes. As the music builds I begin to build strength and sincerity within the program, with an aim to demand and hold the attention of my audience through my opening elements. 

When the music changes heading into my step sequence and final spin this is the time to show off the joy and excitement of the music and my movement, and to let go and have the fun that Spanish music and culture brings to life.

The Program carries a strong and intended sense of femininity in many different forms and the strength and beauty that comes with it. I have drawn on influence from Spanish Dance to bring authenticity to this performance and to further understand and translate it through the complexity of the music.

Overall, I intend to command and invite the audience into my performance and have them enjoy the many different sides within my Short Program.

Free Program (FP) music choice for the British Championships: My Free Program tells the story of the love story of the Moulin Rouge movie. My character, Satine, is the star of the show enjoying fame, adoration, security and the extravagance that comes with it.

My music choice, ‘One Day I'll Fly Away’ sung by Satine, signifies the character’s want to escape it all, to fly away to a better life filled with love and with the happiness that she truly believes she was destined for. As the Program evolves I begin to show the weakness that she is feeling and towards the end, including my choreographic sequence, I begin to show again the strength of the character which in her final moments represents that love is all that matters in the world.

On a greater scale, my Program, like the story of the Moulin Rouge, represents hope. Hope that no matter what circumstances we face, we all have the ability to choose what we want for our lives. While it is a tragic love story it also represents good and overcoming all obstacles for love.

On the ice:
Who/what inspired you to step onto the ice and what age? I started skating at the age of 12 and I was inspired through a movie called Ice Castles. I always wanted to learn to skate like Lexi from the movie so when Dundee Ice Arena opened I asked my parents to take me; that was in 2001 and I have never looked back!

How many hours do you train a week? Roughly, I train for 20 hours on the ice and 12 hours off the ice.

What do you consider your greatest achievement in ice skating? I have had many amazing achievements in my career so far; winning junior and senior nationals, representing my country in three Europeans Championships and competing internationally for my country all over the world. I am looking forward to many more achievements to come...

How many times have you competed in the British Championships? I have competed in the nationals nine times to date.

Do you have a skating hero you look up to? Alexei Yagudin and Michelle Kwan.

Off the ice:
Other than skating what do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to watch ice hockey and chill out with my friends and family.

Favourite band/music: I listen to all sorts so I don't really have one in particular...

Favourite film/TV programme: Criminal Minds  

Published 4th December 2015