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Discover Peter Hallam, with 8 days until the British Championships

We are now into single figures as we continue our countdown to the British Championships. With only eight days to go, today we put the spotlight on Peter (PJ) Hallam. Did you know for example in the past 12 years he has spent around 486,720 hours on the ice?

Peter James Hallam
DOB: 07/05/1995
Home arena: iceSheffield
Choreographer: Kelly Buddery and John Kerr

On the ice:
How did you get into figure skating? I was eight at the time and was looking for a sport to do. I tried everything from gymnastics to football and could not find anything that I enjoyed but when my mother discovered there was a new ice rink opening fairly local we went down to give it a go. As it turned out I was fairly good and have never come off the ice since!

How many hours do you train a week? Off season I train around 15-20 hours a week (on and off ice) and peak season I train between 25-30 hours a week (on and off ice).

What do you consider your greatest achievement in ice skating? I would probably say coming second in the British Championships in my FIRST year as a senior. It was a huge eye opener for me and has given me a vast amount of confidence that no one and nothing can break.

How many times have you competed in the Nationals? I have competed in the British Championships seven times.

Do you have a skating hero you look up to? I did not know of any good skaters before I started skating but a few years down the line when I found I had potential I started to pay more attention to who was out there. Evgeni Plushenko was the skater who I aspired to be; he could really get the crowd going and was simply brilliant to watch!

Off the ice:
What do you like to do in your spare time? In my spare time I'm normally playing games. I have always loved to play console games but around four years ago Daniel King (former British Champion) got me playing computer games. I cannot think of anything better than sitting down with a cuppa tea and playing games.

One thing you can’t live without and why? Other than my ice skates I cannot live without my car. I love driving and don't know how I managed to get around before!

Favourite band/music: I have the strangest music collection known to man; it can vary from Eminem to Meatloaf. I have a very wide music variety however I do not like modern pop. 

Favourite film/TV programme: I love thrillers and sci-fi movies; Star Wars, Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile and Gladiator are a few of my favourites ... I could go on forever. I also like watching documentaries and I have just finished watching the TV series Merlin (huge nerd!)

Fun fact: In the past 12 years I have spent around 486,720 hours on the ice.

Published 23rd November 2015