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Emmy lands her first axel jump in the spotlight

Ten-year-old Emmy Pheely knows the joy of landing a tough move on the ice for the first time, and it’s not to be underestimated.


When Emmy was five she tore the wrapping away from a pair of ice skates on Christmas morning. Desperate to try them out, she made straight for her local rink.


Hooked, she's been ice skating for almost five years since with her club in Central Scotland, Stirling New Figure Skating Club.


But this year has been Emmy’s best so far, as she recently moved up to Level 4 following a bout of sterling skating achievements.


The young skater achieved podium places at Beginners Level 1 and 2, which pushed her to work even harder at improving her skills.


Emmy then went on to successfully land her first ever axel jump in competition at Blackpool Ice Skating Festival in April 2017 - a moment she is very proud of.


Emmy said: “When I landed my axel at Blackpool I looked straight up at my mum - I felt very proud of myself.


“I feel very happy when I am on the ice and I love to practice my doubles and spins.


“I am so looking forward to competing at Level 4 with my new programme. My music is from Tangled!”


The moment Emmy nailed her first axel jump in competition

Emmy is coached by Gemma Stark and Dave Mumby, who are helping shape up her moves to compete at Level 4.  


Emmy’s mum, Rachel Pheely, said: “Emmy adores her coaches, Gemma and Dave, and looks forward to every session. She trains early and has never once moaned about the 5:30am starts.


“I love watching her skate, it’s fair to say I’m a very proud mum. She never stops smiling on the ice.”


It’s a big well-done from all of us at NISA, Emmy. Keep on smiling, and landing those axels!