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GBR figure skaters light up 2019 European Championships

The 2019 European Championships took place from the 23rd-25th January in Minsk, Belarus. With eight GBR skaters making up the dream team, the competition was certainly one to watch for figure skating fans. Representing GBR were:
Natasha McKay
Graham Newberry
Zoe Jones & Chris Boyadji
Lilah Fear & Lewis Gibson
Robynne Tweedale & Joseph Buckland
GBR Competition Overview:
After unfortunately not making it through to the Free Program at the 2018 competition Natasha McKay was back with a mission to rectify last year’s mistakes and deservedly take her place in the final 24. Natasha was the first of team GBR to take to the ice at the competition skating earning a personal best (PB) of 48.20 and placing in 22nd, resulting in her qualification for the Free Program! She went on to earn 91.88 in the Free Program, finishing in 20th place with a total score of 140.08.
Graham Newberry was the GBR Men’s representative facing strong competition from an assortment of European competitors. Just like Natasha, Graham too finished his Short Program in 22nd position with a PB score of 61.33 resulting in his qualification for the Free Program. His Free Program to the soundtrack of the movie ‘Gladiator’ also saw a PB of 127.29 leading Graham to finish in 21st place with a total score of 188.62.
GBR’s only senior pairs couple Chris Boyadji and Zoe Jones put a series of PB’s at the competition. Earning 45.33 in their Short Program to ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, the following day they earned 93.52 in their Free Program, finishing with a total score and PB of 138.85.
With two couples representing GBR in the Ice Dance, the competition was not only international but between comrades as well. First up was the Rhythm Dance in which both couples put in performances that safely ensured their qualification for the Free Dance the next day. With two very contrasting Free Dances, first on the ice were Robynne and Joe performing their elegant dance to the soundtrack from ‘Ghost: The Musical’. Overall the couple earned a total score of 149.66 finishing the competition in a respectable 17th place. Lilah and Lewis then treated yet another packed international audience to their dazzling disco routine, earning a total score and PB of 182.05, and finishing in a fabulous 6th place. Excitingly Lilah and Lewis’ top 10 result ensures, for yet another year, GBR will be able to have two Ice Dance couple representatives at the 2020 European Championships.
Full results from the European Championships can be found here.