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Go-Sport Youngsters Make their Mark at First Race


Parents in Sport Week opened October with celebrations of the key role mums, dads and guardians have to play in sport.


Messages of thanks and amazing stories are still coming in, so we’re using the month to celebrate all of the fantastic ice parents who go the extra mile to make the sport special for their children.


NISA’s newest Short Track Speed Skating Club, Go-Sport in Hampshire, recently got in touch to recognise the fleet of ‘patient parents’ who support the club regularly.


Recently, Go-Sport parents taxied Novice Speed Skaters to their very first competition, the Aldwych Open held at Guildford on Sep 23rd 2017.


While the seven Go-Sport Speed Skaters, ages 8-15, were preparing for their first ever race, parents were working behind the scenes to support and encourage every single one of them.


Despite a few slips and tumbles, the Go-Sport competitors created 14 new personal best times between them.


Clare Upton, club coach, said: “We had a few falls and spills, but that’s Short Track and all of our members know the value of pushing their limits.


“It’s because of their devoted support networks and the encouragement of the club that they’re able to get back up and train harder for next time. I’m very proud to be their coach.


“I want to say a big thanks to all of the Go-Sport parents, who make up a huge portion of that support. They rally round not only for their own children but the club as a whole.”


Here at NISA we want to congratulate all Go-Sport Skaters who overcame nerves to be brilliant at their first event, and also the parents and club for making these experiences both possible and valuable for young skaters.



Junior Novice results overall:

1st place -  Izzie
2nd place -  Tom
3rd place - Marcie
4th place - Chillie
5th place - Nola

Izzie had the quickest JUNIOR 333m time of the competition, while Marcie had the quickest JUNIOR 222m time.

Senior Novice results overall:

1st place - Nadir
4th place - Harley

Nadir raced the quickest 333m race of the competition and was second fastest in the 222m. Harley was third fastest in the 222 and 5th fastest in the 333

New Personal Best:

Izzie new PB 222 & 333
Tom new PB 222 & 333
Marcie new PB 222 & 333
Chillie new PB 222 & 333
Nola new PB 222 & 333
Nadir new PB 222 & 333
Harley new PB 222 & 333