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International Allocations – Junior and Advanced Novice Ladies Categories

Further to the announcement made on this website on 2nd December concerning International Allocations: Due to the large number of skaters listed in the Advanced Novice and Junior Ladies categories compared with other categories, and the number of skaters in these categories within the top 10 of the National Rankings who are also squad members, it has been decided that Advanced Novice and Junior Ladies within the TOP FIFTEEN of the National Rankings will be considered for allocations for ISU Internationals for the second half of this season.

All other criteria as mentioned in the news item “Announcement Regarding Squad Qualification/Application and International Allocations” posted to the NISA website on 2nd December 2014 must be met.

If you do think that you are eligible and would now like to apply, please email emma.walton@iceskating.org.uk before MONDAY 8th DECEMBER.