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Long Track Training Weekend – 6-7 December 2014

NISA, in co-operation with KNSB Gewest South Holland, held a longtrack training weekend in The Hague, Netherlands over the weekend of Dec 6/7.

The weekend was attended by 11 of the participants of the introduction weekend and 2 newcomers with coaching and presentations given by Piet Knip and Jetske Wiersma.

The weekend consisted of 3 on ice training sessions, three presentations (covering technique, equipment care and competition preparation) and a competition as well as two optional hours of individual practice. Most of the participants competed in the 500/300/100m sprint combination whilst a few were entered for the 500/1500m combination.

All of the participants continued to show the outstanding rate of progression displayed in Inzell and all set new PBs - mostly by a huge margin - with the average improvement on the 500m being around 5 seconds!

NISA is planning two further such training weekends this season in the lead up to the British Championships at the end of March. Anyone interested in participating and trying out this sport should contact info@uklongtrack.org

NISA would like to thank Ger Boelsma, De Uithof and the Gewest South Holland competition officials for making us feel very welcome and for switching the competition to be run in English for us!