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Members encouraged to vote as AGM materials published

The NISA Annual General Meeting (AGM) is now less than a month away, and eligible members are being urged to use their voice for the future of the sport.  


The AGM is the yearly opportunity for NISA members to have their say on the sport and how the National Governing Body is run.


Every member who is over the age of 18 and has been with the organisation for at least 13 months has the right to cast their vote in August.


This year is vital, as big plans are being proposed to support NISA’s 10-year Strategic Plan and meet new requirements of the government regarding sports governance.


The vote on the Special Resolution will decide on proposed changes to the NISA Articles of Association, with a majority vote of at least 75% needed put them into play. 


Without these changes it will be impossible for the sport to move forwards and develop. Great opportunities lie ahead for ice skating in the UK, but they cannot be reached without the support of membership.


That’s why members are now being invited to carefully read through the proposed changes, which are live on the website, and ensure they have their say in their sport.


Members can vote in person by attending the 2017 AGM, or by proxy. Proxy voting forms are also available to download and print.


The proxy voting forms should be completed and returned to Election Auditors, Botham Accounting, by 5pm on Wednesday, 9th August 2017. That's two full working days ahead of the AGM, which takes place on the 12th of August 2017.


High Performance Programme Manager Robin Cousins said: “Membership have a voice, and it’s important that they make it heard at the AGM next month.


“The great thing about our sport is that it is means so many different things to many different people, whether that’s skating for fun, adult or junior competitions, figure, ice dance, speed skating – the list goes on.


“In coming years we want to see all these different areas of ice sport flourish, but the truth is we cannot achieve growth like this without the changes which will make us, as an NGB, compliant with new guidelines.


“Everybody has their own goal, and it’s NISA’s job – and the member’s job – to make sure all of those goals can potentially be met.


“I hope to see lots of faces attending to vote and have their say in August. I would urge all who cannot make it to download a proxy voting form and have their say.”


With the AGM now less than a month away, members are being encouraged to help direct the future of their sport.


National Ice Skating Association Chair Maggie Worsfold said: “Every AGM is important, but this one is vital to make the changes we need to move the sport forwards.


“Members need to know they have the ultimate say when it comes to the sport we all love and share, and we encourage everyone to read through the proposed changes and cast their vote.


“If anyone is unsure about the AGM, whether they can vote or why it is important, they can visit the AGM section of the website. Here we’ve uploaded everything members will need to make an informed vote – every voice counts.”




Click here to read the explanatory notes on proposed changes to the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

Click here to download your member proxy voting form.

Click here to download your affiliated clubs and associations proxy voting form.

Click here to read more about Sport England and UK Sports governance guidelines.

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For full information about the AGM please visit this page.