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Molly Coxon packs her skates for Canada

Molly Coxon is packing her bags to move to Canada, where she will become the first UK skater ever to join the NEXXICE Junior Synchronized Skating Team. The NEXXICE synchronized skating teams represent the Burlington Skating Centre in Ontario, Canada and are part of Team Canada. 


Molly is a 17-year-old figure skater from Dumfries, but on the 2nd of June she is leaving Great Britain to move to Burlington, Canada. 


NEXXICE Junior are one of the top Junior Synchronized teams in the world, while the Senior team are double world synchronized skating champions. Now the Junior team is set to welcome a new British member - the first the be selected for the elite programme.


Molly has been skating since she was 7-years-old and has been performing synchronised skating for the past 7 years, skating with Solway Eclipse and Solway Stars synchronised skating teams in Dumfries and last year also travelling up and down the country to skate with Team Spirit in Cardiff.


Solway Stars claimed a silver medal in the Junior category at the 2017 British Synchro Championships, before taking gold in the Trophy d’Ecosse 2017.


Now Molly is heading to Canada to become a Junior skater with the NEXXICE Team. Mum Anne-Marie said: “We are so proud of Molly, she works incredibly hard at her sport.


“She started skating when she was 7 and she’s loved every second.


“It’s fantastic to know that she will be living her dream, and while we will miss her we’re so excited to see her develop with one of the best young Synchro teams in the world.”


The change will be a big adjustment for Molly, who currently trains locally with her coach Philip Carter three times a week. Molly said: "Skating with NEXXICE has been my ambition for many years now and I can't believe it is about to happen. 


"It wouldn't have been possible without the support of my family and the excellent coaching I have received throughout my skating career from Philip and his team at Dumfries Ice Bowl. I also want to thank Coach Katrina Cotterrall for all her help and support last season.  


"I am going to miss my family, friends and everyone at Solway Sk8ing Club so much, but hopefully lots of people will want to come and visit.


"I'm really looking forward to meeting my new teammates and coaches and competing around the world with NEXXICE."


NISA would like to congratulate Molly and wishes her all the best for the fantastic next step in her skating adventure.  Send us a postcard, Molly!