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New Year, New Goals - Inspirational Advice for 2019 from our GBR Seniors

With the start of a new year comes a time for many people to choose to set new goals they'd like to achieve in their lives. Whilst for some individuals goal setting can be an easy process, for others, sometimes a little motivation and inspiration can help go a long way!

At the end of 2018 British Ice Skating spoke to some of our Senior GBR Figure Skaters to hear what their best advice is to Younger Skaters looking to progress as we enter 2019. Read their inspirational advice below:

Harry Mattick

"The best piece of advice I can offer younger skaters is to focus on yourself! When I got to international competitions as a younger skater the first thing I would do is look to see who else was in the competition and try figure out where I might finish. As I’ve grown older, however, Ive realised more and more that who else is competing, what group I’m in or where I place doesn’t actually matter. My programs stay the same regardless, so the only thing worth focusing on is my own performance."

Phil Harris

"Do not dwell on results as you progress to the higher levels. Every competition you do is a lesson to learn, especially the bad ones. This is where you development matters, not results. Yes work hard, yes perform at your best, but regardless of finishing 1st or 21st, if you are improving compared to yourself that is all that matters. Do what you need to do to be the best version of yourself."

Lilah Fear

"I believe it is so important for young skaters to constantly remind themselves why they are doing what they are doing and to keep returning to the passion that drives them on this journey. There are many ups and downs along the way, but skating teaches us so many invaluable lessons and life skills and it is the love that we all share for this wonderful sport, and of course hard work, that makes it all worth it and will carry you through to achieve your dreams.  Our coaches, mentors and fellow skaters also impact our lives and are a wonderful part of the journey."

Lewis Gibson

"Anytime you go out to skate just remind yourself why you enjoy doing it so much and show that for people to see."

Katie Powell

"Best piece of advice for younger skaters is to try enjoy every performance and always remember why you fell in love with the sport!"

Chris Boyadji & Zoe Jones

"Zoe: It’s never too late. My dream was to do pairs! I retired 13 years, and I’m back, doing something I’ve always wanted to do. If you really want it, everything is possible.
Chris: #NeverGiveUp."

Natasha McKay

"The best piece of advice I can give to younger skaters is to stay motivated, try your best on every session and love what you do!"

Danni Harrison

"Skating is a journey, just enjoy every moment while you’re young. Don’t expect perfection as you’re time will come eventually."

Graham Newberry

"For the younger generation of skating my best advice for them is to enjoy their skating because at the end of the day that is what matters the most."

Anna Litvinenko

"The best piece of advice I have for younger skaters is to work hard, believe in yourself and when you’re at competitions try to have fun performing instead of worrying yourself." 

PJ Hallam

"Skating at junior was very tough. The jump from novice to junior is huge. You will be growing as a person and as a skater. Please stay focused and remember the end goal. Also, please try to enjoy ice skating. It is one of the most difficult sports out there. It becomes far harder when there is no enjoyment."

Kristen Spours

"That you shouldn't be afraid to make mistakes and fall. If you go out there and give it 100% then you can't lose, no matter how many times you fall or what your placement is. The important thing is you skate for yourself and have no regrets when it's over."

Nina Povey

"Don’t give up. If your heart is in it, and you work hard you will achieve your goals. Also, listen to your body. Injuries and niggles are common as your body is still changing. Don’t ever ignore them! Take the time to address the issue and recover properly. You will come back stronger and more knowledgeable about what your body needs to make it in this demanding sport."

Robynne Tweedale

"Love each and every second on the ice. We all love what we do and we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t. In my opinion competition especially is the time to remember this. Put pressure on yourself day in and day out for training, competition is there to show what you’re worked so hard for, so try not to let the nerves and pressure get the better of you. Focus, and push yourself because if you wait until competition day to do this its already too late."