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NISA AGM 2017 – Saturday 12 August

The NISA Board has developed a new strategy to move our sport forward over the next ten years. In order to develop all the disciplines of our sport from grass roots to the Winter Olympics, we need to attract and retain both public funding and potential commercial funding alongside the vitally important support of our membership.  A key part of the strategy therefore aims to ensure we meet our responsibilities to comply with the Government’s Code for Sport Governance and the terms of NISA’s funding agreement with UK Sport.

In order to meet these compliance requirements, we are making some important changes to NISA’s governance structure.  These changes will include necessary revisions to NISA’s Articles of Association.  

The Board has agreed that the need to set out our strategy for the future, and to restructure NISA’s governance to comply with the requirements of the Code, meets the special circumstances provisions of Article 7.1 (which allow the AGM to occur up to 15 months after the previous one), and accordingly the AGM this year will be held later than usual, on Saturday 12th August 2017.

Over the next few months, the Board will be providing further information to members in order to explain the new strategy and the proposed new governance arrangements.  This will enable members to be fully informed of the proposed changes before the votes at the AGM.


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