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NISA Audit Committee meeting tightens agendas ahead of AGM

We’re pleased to be rolling out a series of changes here at NISA. We’ve opened new roles, altered our governance structure and introduced an essential Audit Committee.

The changes come ahead of the all-important AGM this summer, where members will have the chance to make their voices heard and have their say on the future of UK ice skating.

Recently we established a NISA Audit Committee to improve our governance and overall running.
The committee will provide oversight into areas such as risk management, external auditor arrangements, appropriateness of financial reporting, whistleblowing, fraud and general governance.

The work of the Audit Committee supports long-term value for the organisation, it’s partners and members.

A meeting is held by the Audit Committee, which is a sub-committee of the board, prior to each board meeting to provide independent oversight.

The committee held its first ever meeting two weeks ago. It precedes the next NISA board meeting being held at the end of June.

June’s board meeting is considered especially important as it will focus largely on the upcoming AGM, and its possible outcomes.

Ben Mariam, Independent Non-Executive Director (Finance), and Chair of the Audit Committee, reports a promising start following the Audit Committee’s first meeting.

Ben said: “The Audit Committee plays a crucial role in providing a bridge between the organisation,its members and the external auditors.

“The primary work of the committee is to inspire the highest standards of integrity, objectivity and judgement throughout the organisation – and our first meeting saw a good start.

“At the recent meeting in June, NISA’s exposure to business risk was analysed, and the organisation’s current financial policies were reviewed.

“Whistleblowing procedures and processes on anti-bribery and corruption polices were challenged to ensure adequacy and appropriateness.

“The committee also discussed the quality of the recent external audit, and the process for the appointment and reappointment of NISA's auditors.”

Essentially, the Audit Committee meeting established a tighter agenda for the board meeting, set to be held some weeks later.

Ben added: “The upcoming board meeting is the penultimate chance for the board to consider key policy issues before presenting them to members, at the AGM.

“Every board meeting is important and this one will analyse and prepare details ahead of the AGM, which is the principal opportunity for the board to explain how NISA’s policies align with member’s interest and the long-term interests of NISA.

“The AGM is an opportunity for members to have their say and ask questions about the organisation’s affairs. We hope to see many faces there in August.”

This year the AGM will be taking place at the Jury's Inn, Nottingham. 

It will commence at 12 noon, and we recommend attendees arrive by 11:30am. 

You can also have your say by proxy vote. Full updates and information will be posted here, so please watch this space