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NISA holds first Club Seminar in Sheffield

NISA recently held its first club seminar in Sheffield, inviting club safeguarding officers, club chairs and secrataries from across the country. 

The Seminar, which was held at the Holiday Inn Royal Victoria on Saturday 5th of August, took attendees through various topics over a three-hour period.

The session aimed to cover safeguarding children in sports, NISA guidelines and event information before welcoming queries in an open discussion during the final hour. 

Leading the session were National Ice Skating association National Safeguarding Officer Michelle Draper, Development Director David Hartley and Events Co-Ordinater Kirstie Robinson. 

Michelle Draper said: “I would like to thank all the clubs for the proactive work they already do to ensure Safeguarding is embedded in the sport.

“This was a positive event which allowed clubs to meet, update their knowledge and share ideas. We want to develop this session to further support clubs in safeguarding as well as a number of other areas. 

“it was great to see clubs coming out to support it, and we’re pleased that it has been a very valuable exercise for all.”

David Hartley said: “This was a very useful exercise for NISA as well as attendees. It’s always beneficial to listen to the challenges clubs may face and enquiries they have, so we can give the best support. 

 “We covered club development and best practice, and it was great to see clubs sharing ideas and experiences with one and other.

“The session is the first of many, and following positive feedback we’re likely to be covering topics in more depth in future.”


Read through several attendee testimonials below:

Safeguarding Officer & Chairman, Widnes ice Skating Club:”A very informative day, and the safeguarding element helped answer issues  in detail.

“Michelle and Kirsty answered questions and ensured follow up on the answers they couldn’t give on the day.

“We need more club information days from NISA – superb support.”

Fiona Robinson, Deeside Club: “I enjoyed the session, and it was really nice to be able to meet up with others in the same boat.”

Jo Gillmore, Deeside Club: “Very informative session. I look forward to the next one! It was nice, and very useful, to meet up with people from other rinks.”

Andrew Hudson, Sheffield Ice Skating Club: “This session was extremely useful and informative. I attended in place of our safeguarding officer, who was not able to attend.

“As Club Treasurer I don’t get heavily involved in many of the on-ice sessions, but it was really interesting to understand more about responsibilities and issues outside of on-ice sessions.”

Jason Price & Karen Price:An excellent session that perfectly maintained the balance between highlighting our responsibilities and liabilities.”

John Leon & Emma Dnadda, Coventry:The seminar was very good & informative. It was good to meet other members and clubs, who have similar questions and issues.”

Lyn Adcock, Chelmsford: Very informative meeting. It was too short and we’d only scratched the surface of safeguarding, it would definitely be beneficial to have a more in-depth session in future.

“Hearing what other clubs do was very useful, I would definitely attend again.”