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NISA Staff and Board Update

NISA is currently going through a recruitment process for a new CEO but there are requirements we must adhere to in relation to legal agreements and contracts where an Accountable Officer is required for the organisation.


To fulfil this requirement, Michelle Draper has agreed to undertake the role of Interim CEO until a new CEO is appointed.


The changes to NISA have started and the work towards the elections for the new Board and Technical Advisory Committees is proceeding.  Giving consideration to the position of Chair, Maggie Worsfold has decided to stand down from this position as soon as a new Chair can be appointed.  The rationale for this is that the working relationship going forward between the Chair and the CEO should be established as soon as possible and to support this, a new Chair should be in place as soon as he/she can be appointed.


For the recruitment of this position, Maggie will hand over the role of Chair of the Nominations Committee to Avril Jones, Senior INED, who will oversee this process with the Board as Maggie cannot be involved in the recruitment of her successor.


We will ensure members are kept fully informed of the progress of these appointments.