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Notice of NISA Extraordinary General Meeting

Further to the recent NISA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in August, the NGB is calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to take place towards the end of the year, and gives membership official notice of this.


The EGM will be held during the NISA British Championships, on Saturday the 2nd of December 2017 in the Glacier Suite at iceSheffield, 7:15pm.


NISA has developed a new 10 year strategy to move the sport of ice skating forward and to underpin this strategy we need to make significant changes to NISA’s governance structures.


This involves major changes to the NISA Articles of Association which were put before the Annual General Meeting on 12 August 2017 as a Special Resolution.


We recognise that the changes were not explained fully and that we did not fully consult with members to engage them in the change process or the drafting of the Articles. 


Before the EGM, we will be seeking the views of individuals and groups of members to ensure we address any issues you have regarding NISA’s strategy, the draft Articles and the Code for Sports Governance.


The Board remain committed to progressing ice skating within the governance requirements but equally wish to ensure that we engage fully with members during the process.


We will ensure that you are aware of all the opportunities to share your views and we will consult with you at every opportunity.  Please take the opportunities offered to raise your concerns and raise potential options for change.


Please watch this space for more information to follow. This is a vital time to shape the future of ice skating in the UK and we’ll be supporting members to use their vote either in person or by proxy.