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The National Ice Skating Association (NISA) is pleased to announce that a majority ‘yes’ vote at the 2017 EGM has pushed through the organisation’s Special Resolution to adopt a new set Articles of Association.

The revised Articles of Association bring the NGB into compliance with the Government’s new Code for Sports Governance, and offer more benefits to different groups across the sport.

The vote means that NISA can now move forward plans to grow the sport and open new opportunities for membership, in line with its 10 Year Strategy.

On Saturday the 2nd of December NISA held its 2017 Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at the British Championships, iceSheffield.

There was only one item on the agenda; the vote upon NISA’s revised Articles of Association – the set of rules which govern how the organisation is run. For the Articles to be adopted a majority ‘yes’ vote of at least 75% was needed.

NISA is pleased to confirm a majority vote of 84.4% was achieved at the EGM, with a much larger voting-number than at the 2017 AGM back in August.

NISA Chair Maggie Worsfold said: “We are exceptionally pleased about the result at the recent EGM.

“It means that we can start to move the sport forward with a set of Articles which not only bring us into compliancy, but also open doors to new opportunities and initiatives.

“With an increased number of 282 voters this time around, I think it is clear that members are keen to have their say and be a part of shaping the future of ice skating in the UK.

“In future we plan to look at new membership packages which will better integrate parents and cater for families, but for now these changes will enable many key pieces of work and empower a huge portion of membership.

“We wish to thank everyone who used their vote, both in person at the EGM and by proxy, to help us push the changes our sport needs to move forwards and progress.”