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Skating opportunities this summer for Young Stars

It's looking to be a busy summer for the Young Stars of skating with multiple competitions, camps and workshops all lined up from June onwards.

To cope with the ever-growing demand for the sport, NISA are putting on more events to support young people and encourage them to develop their skating. This includes additional camps around the UK alongside new competitions for varying abilities of young skaters.

Speaking about the development of Young Stars events in recent times one NISA coach said:

"I feel the Young Stars camps and competitions have been a great experience. The camps have given the young skaters of today an amazing opportunity to mature and learn more and more about the sport."

"I look forward to up and coming events this season and the exciting opportunities available for the skaters."

Another NISA coach went on to say:

"The development camps gave my youngest skaters the opportunity to socialise and train with others of similar ages and abilities. I loved that the children received rosette prizes for things like choreography and best spins, it was a real boost to some of them!"

Speaking about one skater in particular, the same coach said: "One of my skaters was inspired to work on her off-ice training after realising skating wasn't just about flexibility, but also about core strength and stamina. Young Stars helped her to see how running and doing the plank would also help improve her skating."

NISA coaches also gave the following additional feedback on previous Young Stars events:

“I liked how the ice testing was repeated at sessions and skaters were given their previous results instantly seeing the areas they had made progress and thus motivating them to improve.”

“The workshops provided food for thought for even the very youngest skaters. They came out of the session with colourful paper positively showing their strength and weaknesses."

“The Young Stars jackets and gilets are worn with pride at our rink. The children feel privileged to be chosen and as a result give 100%."

“The off-ice workshops were a valuable addition to the Young Stars competition, enabling the skaters to learn not only from various coaches but also from their peers.”

So why not get involved this summer? The following Young Stars opportunities are currently available:


Young Stars Competition (Lee Valley)

11th - 14th June

More information here


Young Stars Camp (Sheffield)

23rd - 24th August

More information here

For booking forms please contact Kirstie.Robinson@Iceskating.org.uk


Young Stars Competition (Sheffield)

28th - 31st August

More information to be released shortly.


Additional information

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