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Skating Star to West End's Matilda

While most skaters have been busy practicing their programmes this season, one young NISA member has had to put ice time on hold to rehearse for a very different performance.


For the past few months 11 year old Emma Moore has been performing as the lead role in a dazzling musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book, Matilda.


As well as being a fanatical and talented young skater, Emma has been busy performing in the show, in London’s West End.


The show has been playing to audiences form far and wide at the Cambridge Theatre, where Emma has been spending much of her time performing.


Her busy schedule means the Novice A Standard Figure Skater has had to put aside her skates to play her part in the hit show as the magical Matilda.


Emma’s coach, Becky Smith, said: “Emma’s family and I were ecstatic when we heard the news that she had landed such an amazing role in London’s West End.


“Emma was skating at the opening of the Winchester Ice Rink when she got the call, and was so excited to start rehearsing.


“I am very proud of her indeed, especially as I am from a theatrical background myself. But I would be lying if I said I’ve been a little sad to lose her on the ice for a while!


“She’s a very bright, enthusiastic girl and her expressive talent definitely comes through in her skating as well.


“There’s no doubt she’ll return to the ice as keen and hungry as ever. She is loving every second of being Matilda, but I know she misses her skates!”


Emma performing at the WInchester Ice Rink Opening, where she got the call confirming her part as 'Matilda'.


Emma’s mum said: “The whole experience has been incredible. Playing the role of Matilda is an amazing opportunity and one which will benefit her future career path, whatever that may be."


The show has already been described as: ‘utterly exhilarating’, ‘giddily enjoyable’ and ‘hilarious, moving and glorious’ by a number of national newspapers.


Matilda the Musical will run until May 2018, with tickets available to purchase online. You can click here to see Emma in action as Matilda at West End Live.


We’re proud to be made up of talented young people like Emma, and want to wish her all the best for the remainder of her magical role as Matilda!