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Sky Scholar Elise Christie Believes and Achieves with Jessica Ennis-Hill

Throughout September Sky Academy has been celebrating their nationwide Confidence Month. With the support of Sky ambassador and athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill, GB Short Track star Elise Christie and fellow scholars have now come up with their own confidence motto: ‘Believe and Achieve’.

As a Sky Academy Scholar, Elise has been involved in a number of activities, leading Speed Skating master classes and sharing her story with the next generation. Last week she and the other scholars joined forces with sporting greats Jessica Ennis-Hill and Rugby’s Will Greenwood to tackle the subject of confidence, explaining how confidence has played a positive role in their careers so far.

The day was led by Jessica and gave the scholars a chance to question her on her own incredible career from her first time competing to returning after having a baby just last year.

To tackle the confidence crisis that Sky Academy unveiled among British teenagers the group were given the challenge of creating an inspiring confidence motto. After going back and forth with ideas, they settled on ‘Believe and Achieve’; a motto they hope will build confidence in young people and allow them to unlock their own potential.

Elise spoke to us about the session saying:

“Confidence plays such an important role in all of our lives, especially so as an athlete. Without confidence you can’t perform to the best of your ability. It was amazing to hear how Jessica and the other scholars tackle confidence in their sport and I just hope we can use the session to inspire others.”

The motto was printed onto a Sky Academy Confidence Month poster which Jessica, Elise and the other scholars all signed. For the chance to win this poster follow @SkyAcademy on Twitter or Sky Academy on Facebook and look out for the competition post. Then all you have to do is tweet or comment #WinBelieveandAchieve.

Elise is now hard in training as the Short Track Speed Skating season commences. You can keep up to date with her progress throughout the season by following @GB_ShortTrack on Twitter or ‘GB Short Track’ on Facebook.