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SportsAid Scotland awards talented young figure skaters

Four young figure skaters who are based and train in Scotland, have been awarded financial grants from SportsAid Scotland to support their travel and training costs.

Lana Bagen and Danielle Harrison who are both part of the National Ice Skating Association (NISA) performance squad, have both received a £1,000 grant. NISA development squad athletes, Ruaridh Fisher and Greig Smith have also been awarded £1,000 and £500 respectively. It is the first time that the two male skaters have received the award.

Ruaridh Fisher commented: “Skating is my passion, and until now the bank of Mum and Dad financed my skating activities. The financial award will assist with my travel costs and entry fees to enter more competitions across the rest of the UK and some Internationals to gain experience and benefit from greater competition at a higher standard.”

Greig Smith added: “I really enjoy skating, and hope one day I will be one of Scotland’s sporting stars. The grant will allow me to go to more competitions across Scotland and England that I wouldn't have been able to do before.”

Working in partnership with the charity, The Robertson Trust, SportsAid Scotland provides financial assistance in the form of grant awards, ranging between £500 and £1000, to talented sporting youngsters who are already competing at national level, and ranked within the top three nationally within their age-group. The finance given is to help the athletes with their travel and training costs, and will hopefully assist them in becoming Scotland's future sporting stars.

Duncan Hamilton, Chief Executive of SportsAid Scotland, said: “We would like to wish these four young figure skaters all the best for the coming season. We are aware of the huge sacrifices having to be made by families in order to support their talented children, and we are delighted to be able to be able to offer these youngsters this support, funded by our largest and longest-standing partner The Robertson Trust. We hope that these youngsters go on to achieve successes on the national and international stage, and, by doing so, establish themselves as role models for the next generation of Scotland’s youngsters.”

Nick Sellwood, Chief Executive at the National Ice Skating Association, added: “The grants from SportsAid Scotland are a positive way to reward some of our sporting stars who give up hours of their leisure time to travel and train in order to be the very best they can be at the sport. 

“Receiving this financial support will be a huge benefit to these four young skaters, and we hope it encourages them to go and fly the flag for Great Britain and Scotland at a national level in the future”.

To find out more about how to apply for a SportsAid Scotland grant, please visit www.sportsaidscotland.org.uk.

12th March 2015