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Official guide regarding the updated rules for Warm Up and Call to Start

After the previous team is off the ice, the Referee Assistant Ice can put the next team out for the warm up period of no less than one minute, during which time the marks of the previous team are finalized and announced.
When the announcer calls the next team, the team has one minute to take their starting position.

The first team to skate in the competition or after an ice resurface will get a minimum one minute warm-up. Referee's must ensure that each team has minimum of one minute Warm-up and one minute to the Call to Start. After the one minute Call to Start, the music will be played.

Coaches are being advised that it is not necessary to use the one minute (i.e. a stroking block) once the team has been Called to Start IF their team has had more than one minute of warm-up.

Once the team name has been announced (Call to Start) the team should either move quickly to their starting position OR already be there.

ISU SYS TC are hoping to reduce the amount of time it takes for teams to take the starting position and would like to suggest to the coaches, that when the announcer begins to read the marks of the previous team that their team begins to move to their starting position.

The music will start immediately after the one minute allowance following the Call to Start. There will be absolutely no leeway given Internationally. If the team is not ready the music will start