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Thomas William Shipstone


Sadly, in July, Thomas (Tom) William Shipstone passed away. Many people will only know Tom by sight. Tom was an Ice Skater for 70 years or more; in Speed Skating, Ice Hockey and Ice Dance, at the original Ice Stadium in Nottingham, his hometown.

In 1965, Silver Blades Ice Rink, Queens Road, Sheffield opened. Tom along with a fellow Ice Skater set up and organised the Hallamshire Ice Dance and Figure Skating Club with a very interesting programme and the club also doing ice shows.

In mid 1974/5, Tom went to Sweden to obtain information on training, hydration and diet for playing Ice Hockey and, on his return from Sweden, established Ice Hockey in Sheffield. This went from strength to strength, forming Simiters Hockey Team. Tom obtained a Level One Hockey Coach Certificate and continued to ice dance.

In 1991, Rank closed Queens Road Ice Rink. Three months later, Tom, along with the same fellow skater as before, took over the lease for the Ice Rink. Now with a Level Two Hockey Coach Certificate and time spent in Michigan for Ice Rink maximum use; Tom soon reinstated Ice Dance, Hockey, Speed and Figure Skating. Which they did with outstanding results and enjoyed by skaters of all ages.

Tom reinstated Tuesday evening public Ice Dance sessions, with two dance intervals and live music played on the Hammond Organ by Eddie Ruhier, Sunday morning. The public Ice Dance session also had one dance interval. Once again, all very successful and enjoyed by Tom and many skaters of all ages, near and far.

In 2003, Ice Sheffield opened as an Ice Rink. At the end of 2003/04, Tom had to close Queens Road Ice Rink.

Tom, with such an interest in Ice Skating, continued to follow events in all types of Ice Skating, until he sadly passed away.

Obituary provided by skater, Maureen M Shepherd.