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UK Long Track Speed Skaters Return from a Weekend of New Season Training

To mark the start of the Long Track winter season NISA's UK Long Track Speed Skating branch hosted their 'Back on the Ice' weekend on 3 and 4 October in The Hague, Netherlands.

Nine of our skaters attended the energetic weekend, a combination of two one and a half hour ice sessions per day and cycle and dry land training. Tom Fell became the first skater to start our new coaches’ course and took to it like a duck to water (or maybe a penguin to ice would be a more appropriate metaphor). All in all a tough weekend of training with a lot of progression for the brand new 2015/16 season.  

At the same time several of our skaters were in action in Inzell, Germany at a training competition. Ellia Smeding once again broke the British Record for the ladies 500m and Cornelius Kersten achieved the second fastest ever 3km time for a Brit.

It’s official, the season has well and truly started! 

Anyone wanting to try Long Track can email info@uklongtrack.org for information.

7th October 2015