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What does 2019 have in store for British Ice Skating?

Already in the first month of 2019 we have been treated to some special performances across the ice skating disciplines, and we would like to share with you what 2019 will bring for us as the National Governing Body.


Since the 2018 British Figure Skating Championships, the range of merchandise available to British Ice Skating members has dramatically increased.

This has long been a wish of the membership and we are delighted that our partnership with National Merchandise has made it possible to wear the amazing new British Ice Skating logo with pride in so many different ways!

Check out the range here.


We are running ever-more competitions and are looking forward to seeing so many of you over the coming months at the Qualifiers, Adult Competitions, Short Track Championships, Young Stars events...

Keep abreast of the competitions on the events section of our website.


Live Streaming on the BBC has been incredibly popular, and we are delighted to be able to make Ice Skating accessible and visible to much larger numbers, be they watching their friends or relatives, or getting inspired to take up the sport.  We are working hard to maintain this exposure.

Ice Skating is a uniquely beautiful and appealing sport, made to look all the easier by our talented skaters!  We will continue to promote every part of the sport from grass-roots to world-class, working to celebrate all skaters, coaches, officials and volunteers.


British Ice Skating has well and truly landed in the 21st Century, and we are moving to offices that better fit the needs of being a modern-day NGB.  From the Spring, our new offices will be at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield, with access to cutting-edge sports science and a wider range of facilities.

More information on this will be released over the coming weeks.


An additional way in which we are improving the membership experience is by partnering with Sport:80, industry leaders in membership database systems.

Once phase 1 is launched, members will be able to control the data we hold on them, have instant access to their skating and coaching records, and benefit from partner discounts with a range of different businesses.  Online payments will further facilitate applications for membership and tests, and this will give us a platform to develop further aspects of skating into subsequent phases.


2019 will be quite a journey, we look forward to enjoying the ride with you!