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Coach Relicense 2018

Photo credit: National Ice Centre, Nottingham

Find the licence reminder for full information HERE.

Coaches, it’s coming to that time of year again… coach licence renewals.

As you are all aware, your licences have to be renewed on the 1st March every year. To relicense you are required to have a current DBS (or PVG for those in Scotland), valid First Aid and Child Protection certificates, and have attended the Coaching Conference within the past 3 years.


The prices for membership, licence fee and insurance will stay the same as last year. However, we have been able to increase the insurance rate from £5m to 10m at no extra cost to yuo. This will give you far greater cover and peace of mind. 

Please find the relicensing letter aobve which will take you through the different steps such as DBS and PVG, eligibility forms, which safeguarding and First Aid courses you are able to do and how to pay. 

We are introducing some changes this year so please read through the letter carefully as well as the key highlights below.

  • Having listened to coach feedback we have introduced alternating between doing online and practical courses for your First Aid and Child Protection. If your last First Aid or Child Protection course was an online one you will be required to a practical one next time and vice versa.
  • DBS, Child Protection and First Aid that expire before 1st July 2018 will need to be renewed before you can relicense this year.
  • As of 1st March 2019 your DBS, Child Protection and First Aid cannot expire before 1st March 2020. However, to help support coaches while they get in line with the new system we are happy to allow coaches to do a 1 year online course in First Aid and Child Protection while they wait until the February/March time to do the main practical course.
  • The licencing price structure automatically includes the price for NISA membership, licence fee and insurance. This is due to a change in industry practice in the way insurance is offered. If you get insurance through a third party or through your rink please send us your documentation before paying your renewal.


If you have any questions please feel free to email coaching@iceskating.org.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.